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Dr Helen Pilcher – Bring Back the King: The Science of De-extinction

7.00pm - Friday 13th November

September 25, 2020 3:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Public Event (All Ages)

Could woolly mammoths walk the Earth again? Could Jurassic Park become reality? Could Elvis Presley be resurrected from a sample of hair bought on eBay? De-extinction – the ability of scientists to bring extinct species back to life – is fast becoming reality and the implications are both profound and far-reaching. Join tea-drinking, biscuit-nibbling science and comedy writer Helen Pilcher as she explores the limits of scientific possibility and the cutting edge science making de-extinction a reality.

A former stem cell biologist gone rogue; Helen Pilcher is author of ‘Bring Back the King: the New Science of De-extinction’ and ‘Life Changing: How Human’s are Altering Life on Earth.’

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