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Delightful and Dangerous Liquids with Professor Mark Miodownik

7pm - Monday 9th November

October 9, 2020 1:43 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Public Event (all ages)

Liquids are the alter-ego of dependable solid stuff. While solid materials are humanity’s faithful friend, taking on the permanent shapes of clothes, shoes, phones, cars, and indeed airports, liquids are fluid; they will take on any shape, but only while contained. When not contained, they are always on the move, seeping, corroding, dripping, and escaping our control.

When we put a solid material somewhere it stays there, often doing something very useful, like holding up a building or supplying electricity for a whole community. Liquids on the other hand are anarchic; they have a knack for destroying things. But they are wonderful too, wine, beer, tea, and coffee are all remarkable liquids. This talk is a journey into the realms of the strange, disruptive, sometimes corrosive, often delightful, sometimes toxic, but always interesting, liquids.

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