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Sustainable Foods – What would you eat to save the world?

13th November 2022 - All day drop in

October 11, 2022 1:46 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
  • Main Concourse – All day Drop In

Food production systems nowadays are facing multiple challenges; on one hand there is a growing demand for food due to the increasing world population, while on the other hand scarcity of natural resources, climate change and the impact of food production on the environment call for more sustainable practices.  Researchers around the world and in ATU are exploring the use of insects as a source of protein that would have lower environmental footprint than traditional livestock production. At the Science fair we will be showing you products made from insects. Would you be willing to eat insects or products containing insects?

Adding to the increasing problem of food security, is the fact that one third of world food production is lost or wasted. In Ireland for example, we waste approximately 1 million tonnes of food every year. At the Science Fair we will be showing you food products such as smoothies and soups that have been produced using peelings and cores of fruit and vegetables, with aim to reduce food losses along the food supply chain. This concept is characterised as circular eating.  Would you be willing to consume products containing these ingredients?

Join researchers from ATU at the Science fair to find out more about the concept of entomophagy and circular eating.

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